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 We offer interior painting and cabinet painting. The right choice for quality work at affordable prices. Free estimates. When you hire Bud's Pro Painting Services you get our personal attention for your home. We use quality products from Sherwin Williams to ensure your painting meets or exceeds your expectations.

You can check out photos of our work and all our 5 star reviews on our Facebook page.

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See what our clients have to say about us

George S.

April 2023

Umatilla Fl.

"After hiring Bud & Mary, was amazed at the professionalism that came with them. Helping pic colors, samples on the wall which was very helpful in seeing the colors not just a piece of colored paper. The little things I seen them do , cutting in , painting top of moldings that were already painted a color, doing corners makes me glad we chose them. Can’t say enough good about Buds Pro Painting.

My grandfather told me, you get what you pay for , no more no less!!

Got my moneys worth !!!!

Thank you guys !!!!!!"

Robert B.

Jan. 2023

Leesburg Fl.

"Our cabinets were handled, sanded, prepped and painted in a 1st class, professional manner. Bud's is prompt, reliable, and experienced. They know how to restore cabinets with no blemishes, runs or drips. Quality paint. I didn't second guess the recommendations I received from others and you don't need to either. Well done. Thank you"

Tracy M.

Sept 2022

Eustis Fl.


"From start to finish, Bud and Mary have been the most professional and easiest painters to work with. There were a lot of cabinets to do and they were very clear in the process of what would be happening each day. Communication was 100%. The quality of their work is amazing. I can't say enough good about them. My home looks like a completely different place, for the better. We love it so much. If you need anything painted, don't hesitate to reach out to them. You won't be disappointed."

Debbie F.

Feb. 2021

Leesburg Fl.

"Bud's Pro Painting just finished painting our main living areas this week.  We cannot say enough good things about their work.  Ceilings, trim and walls turned out so much better than expected.  Bud was even able to repair walls damaged from our inability to fully remove old wallpaper.  Bud and Mary are a joy to work with.  We plan to have them come back to paint bedrooms and do tile work in our kitchen.  Their attention to detail made all the difference towards the end result of this project."

Brandi M.

April 2016

Grand Island Fl.

"HUGE thank you to Jessica for referring me to Buds Pro Painting Services a couple of weeks ago. We purchased our very first home last week and wanted to make some home improvements prior to moving in. The previous paint job inside was very dark and poorly painted in several areas. The before and after pics speak for themselves, it made our home feel new again. As you all know I'm a VERY frugal person and will shop for the best rates. This time it paid off not only price wise, but quality as well. Bud came in lower than the others and went above and beyond with the small details, like cleaning the outlets so they sparkle like new again and removing and cleaning the shelving. If you are looking for a reasonably priced painter, contact Bud and Mary . Thanks again Jessica!"

Cindy S.

Nov. 2017

Mt. Dora Fl.

"Let me tell you about Bud and Mary. This is more of a short story with more to come. We moved to Mount Dora from South Florida and bought a home which needs complete renovation. We did not know any reputable professional people to hire to help us. Our home inspection co. Grant Inspections had a list of who they recommend. Buds Pro Painting was at the top. Upon the 1st meeting my husband told me he felt so good about them he wanted me to meet them and he wanted them to paint the entire inside of the house. Once I meet them we felt like we had known them for years. Not only did they do a excellent job but we have had them do a bathroom tile job and a basement job. Each time they have done a absolute superb job. We are not done yet and will have them do more for us. The work is excellent the quality of work superb and worth every cent. We are new here and not only have we found a great couple working together to get the job done but we also call them our friends. THANK YOU THANK YOU BUD and MARY!"

Judi D.

May 2023

Grand Island Fl.

"We hired Bud and Mary to paint our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They turned out beautiful and were done with such detail and care. I would highly recommend them if you are thinking about putting a fresh face on your old worn out cabinets. Top notch people and workmanship."

David B.

Jan 2023

Mount Dora Fl.

"Strongest possible recommendation! Bud and Mary repainted the interior of my home in December 2022. In addition to doing excellent work, they're super easy to work with: you'll always know when they're coming, what they're doing, and what you can do to help things go smoothly."

Diane C.

July 2022

Tavares Fl.

“What an awesome job. Very professional, always communicating, hard working. I would recommend them for any paint job you need. I've never had some one as tidy behind themselves on a remodel. Awesome work, awesome people. Look forward to using them again.”

Sharon E. 

June 2016

Eustis Fl.

"Bud's Pro Painting did an AMAZING job painting my 1927 bungalow! First of all, Bud and Mary are the ultimate professional team - extremely kind, caring and punctual and dedicated to their craft. My home, though small, has a lot of wood framing and tiny details, so it took someone with a tremendous amount of patience and skill to make it come out as beautifully as it did. My home is now a miniature jewel and I love showing it off to friends and family. Besides a stellar paint job, Bud's charges extremely competitive rates. I honestly cannot say enough about this service, they are truly the best."

Jim H.

Jan. 2023

Eustis Fl.

"Bud and Mary have been entrusted with the beautification and materials protection of our home since 2018 when they painted the entire interior, inclusive of Contrast accents, doors and trim.
In 2019 the exterior of our home was brought back to life with a complete paint and trim upgrade. It still shines to this day.
In 2020 the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry were transformed from a typical tan hardwood finish to a gleaming White finish. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Last, but not least, we assure you readers, in 2022, Bud and Mary were able to complete our wish list by installing backsplash on the stove wall as well as the back of the kitchen island above the sink and counter area.
We are not quite sure yet what 2023 holds in store for us yet for home enhancements, but rest assured that we will look no further than Bud's Pro Painting Services!
Thanks, again,
Jim & Debbie Hill"

Katherine J.

July 2018

Eustis Fl.

"Wow! How often do you read so many reviews that just sing the praises of two wonderful people & their small business!!!

AND then, you hire them.

While the world around us is so crazy and disturbing.... I met them for a free estimate to paint 3 rooms. Their warmth and attention to details made me feel so comfortable I was ready to hand them my keys that day -- knowing I could not be home when they were to do the work. Sound unusual???

I believe it is. I can't remember the last time I trusted anyone so quickly!

They completed the job today, fast, efficient and so professional. The change is remarkable and I am so happy.

If you read this - know I will be hiring them soon to do more and recommending them to all who ask or need!!!

Thank you so much Bud & Mary!!!"

Arlyn E.

Jan. 2018

Leesburg, Fl.

"We had used Bud and Mary’s service one year prior for a larger project but this project had special meaning to me as it was my master suite in the home and the last remaining room to be converted from carpeting to tile. Needles to say, I am thrilled with the results. In a timely manner the paint, tile, baseboards, crown molding, marble window sills along with necessary fixtures/furniture was expertly completed. I was responsible for procurement of all materials except paint and they even helped make that painless. I recommend their services highly for any size project you have and will seek their services again myself."

Ron G.

Dec. 2017

Mount Dora, Fl.

"WOW...Where do I start with this review?? Let me start first by saying that hiring Bud's Pro Painting Services (Bud and Mary) to do our complete and total interior repaint of our home was the smartest decision I have made since marrying my wife 26+ years ago!!!

Our home (3400 sq/ft) was in dire need of an interior repaint and I spent quite a bit of time researching and getting quotes from different contractors to do this massive job. After gathering all the quotes and meeting with the perspective painters...Choosing Bud's Pro Painting Services to do the job was a true NO BRAINER!!!

First and foremost...Bud and Mary are 2 of the nicest people you could ever meet!! They spent a lot of time (and I mean a LOT of time) working with my wife and I to choose the colors that we wanted to use...Something that NONE of the other painters we met with even offered to do. Their help with painting multiple swatches on the walls...And giving us their professional opinions on the colors gave us the peace of mind and confidence that we were choosing the right colors!

After the color decision was made...It was time for Bud and Mary to go to work!!! And WORK they did which leads me to another issue that I was afraid I would have to deal with while having the interior of my home painted...That being TRUST!!! I'm a VERY secure and not so trusting individual...And I was worried that I would have to work from home during this project. Let me just so NOPE!! I didn't have to do this as I was so comfortable with Bud and Mary that I gave them a garage door opener...And gave them free reign to come and go from my home as they pleased!!! I have NEVER done this for anyone...Not even FAMILY!! It was so nice for me to not have to be at home while they worked...And truth be known, they are probably glad I wasn't there too!!!

As a BONUS to the complete interior repaint of our home...Bud and Mary also threw in a little extra help at our home. During their time of work...They also served as our personal "Dog Sitter". Our family dog was so excited that he didn't have to stay in his kennel all day as Mary and Bud let him roam the house while they worked...AND...They even took him out for walks during the day for some potty breaks!!! Talk about going above and beyond their expected duties!!!

Lastly...I need to tell you just how pleased my wife and I are in the job that they did!!! It was AMAZING!!!! My hopes and expectations of the final and end product were BLOWN AWAY by the job that they did on our home...I just can't express how PLEASED and excited we are with the end results!!!

THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU Bud and Mary for this entire process and job that you have done!! You are both amazing people...And professional painters too!!! I will HIGHLY recommend you to any and all people who are in need of your services (which I know goes beyond just painting)...So I'm hoping I can send a lot of business your way!!!

You guys are the BEST!!!"

Theresa G.

Nov. 2016

The Villages, Fl.

"Dear Bud and Mary (Butch, too) We want to thank you for the amazing jobs you did at our home. First you made our birdcage look like new, the screws were very rusty, you took your time in a three stage process, wire brushed, liquid primer and then a final coat and now it looks like we had a new birdcage installed. Then you took out our tired looking 12"x12" tile with white grout which never looked clean. That job was really difficult getting up all the tile in the foyer, kitchen, laundry room, master bath and hall bath and making sure the floor was smooth enough to put down new porcelain tile that looks like hardwood floors. Once all the old tile and carpeting was up off the floors, you next painted all the walls and woodwork. You did a great job painting over the pink walls which are now gone and the grey looking woodwork which is now a nice bright white. Then you took time to make sure the porcelain tile lined up correctly before laying it. The floor look great and our house looks like a new house. We felt comfortable enough to go back home and let you come and go in our house as you needed to, to get the job done. Even our neighbor came over to tell us that you were always at our house at 9 AM even though we weren't there. I asked her if she wanted your card and she said she wrote down your phone number off the side of your truck - she was really impressed. On a scale of 1 to 5 we would give you a 10! You made a messy job easier to handle and it was certainly a pleasure working with you. I certainly would recommend you to family and friends. It is so nice to deal with a contractor that comes out and gives you the estimate and actually does the work and doesn't sub-contract it out. You went over and above in touching up the ceilings for us and in painting a linen closet I forgot to paint. It was truly a pleasure working with you!"

Nettie R. 

Feb. 2023

Leesburg Fl.

"I am SO happy I used Bud’s Pro Painting. They did an amazing job. It looks like a new place. They gave me an estimate and stuck to it, even though my 35 year-old walboard didn’t always cooperate.

They are wonderful people, I enjoyed having them in my home….. and the work is stunning. I will add pictures as soon as I put everything back in place.'

Leslie W.

June 2022

Eustis Fl.

"Bud and Mary did a terrific job with our home. They painted the interior of our home, the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. They are very communicative throughout the process and were very easy to work with. Highly recommend their services for anyone's home painting needs."

Bardie S.

June 2022

Leesburg Fl.

"Bud and Mary just finished my house today. I could not be happier with the job they did. They painted walls, ceilings, doors, baseboard, window frames, closets, and cabinets throughout the house. Ceilings and cabinets were all primed and all received two coats of paint. Trim and windows mostly took two coats, some three, and cabinets (kitchen and bathrooms) took three or more. There craftsmanship is of the highest quality. The attention to detail is outstanding. Not only do you get the highest quality finished project, you get the nicest people you could ever meet. They are so nice and are constantly updating you on what is happening that day, what is planned for the next day and what to expect for the schedule for the rest of the project. You don’t get a different crew every day, Bud and Mary are there from project start to project finish. They come to your project and stay until finished, no having to pull off for other projects. They also schedule to provide the lease disruption to your life. I have been in the home throughput the project and have had other contractors and suppliers in the home while they were here. We talked daily about the schedule and who might be in the house and their scope of work. They always adjusted to accommodate and to minimize conflicts. One bathroom was available at all times and hugely important to me, they finished one bedroom before moving to the next making sure I always had a comfortable place to sleep. You can not contract with a better painter or nicer people. I recommend then whole heartedly."

Claire F.

June 2023

Mount Dora, Fl

“It was a pleasure working with Bud and Mary. They were very professional and did a great job of painting two of our bathrooms.
They arrived at exactly the time they said they would and worked tirelessly until they were finished. Everything was left very clean and tidy and our walls and doors look fresh and new.
We shall definitely ask them to come again when we are ready for our next project.

Karen B.

Jan. 2023

Tavares, Fl

Bud and Mary: Professional, friendly...a pleasure to work with. They did an amazing job transforming our cabinets and giving a bright, clean, crisp feel to our kitchen.
Seeking out and setting up estimates for local contractors can be a grueling experience...but Bud and Mary made the entire process from beginning to end quick and painless. They go the extra mile to ensure you understand all the steps along the way and maintain complete professionalism while working in your home. I highly recommend their services and the quality of their work surpassed our expectations."

Rlinda P.

Dec 2017

Leesburg, Fl. 

"Bud's Pro Painting service is excellent. They painted the interior of our home, installed tile, all new baseboards, put up new lights, and the list goes on. This dynamic duo are very reasonably priced, their work is of the highest quality, they clean up after themselves as they go, and are always pleasant to work with. They arrive when they tell you, they are very clear on their estimates, and are very hard working. We allowed them in our home when we could to be as they are very trustworthy.We will be using them again! So glad we found a reputable painter"

Barbara M.

April 2022

Eustis, Fl. 

"Bud and Mary were a delight to work with. They did an excellent job of painting and were also willing to answer any questions or concerns. They cleaned up at the end of every day and we’re mindful of keeping the space as normal as possible for us. We would highly recommend them for their expertise and their thoughtfulness."

Gayle H.

Nov. 2020

Mount Dora, Fl.

"Bud and Mary did an excellent job painting a large area in our home. Their attention to detail was impressive. Their lines were very straight with minimal touch ups needed. They took their time and did it right. They also helped us with a slight color change, giving us good advice. Not only that, they are very pleasant people and were just as excited about our project as we were. I cannot recommend them highly enough and will certainly use them again.'

Lori C.

Aug. 2020

Mount Dora, Fl.

“Bud & Mary are the best!! They just finished our great room /dining area & kitchen & a hallway in 4 1/2 days. So easy to work with them! They set up each morn & broke down each evening & there was little mess to work around. And with have 3 dogs! We introduced them & all was great ! We’ve committed to another bedroom project next month. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Sandy S.

June 2023

Umatilla, Fl.

“Bud and Mary were professional, helpful and very caring during the painting they did at my home. The recommendations they made were exceptional on color choices. I love the job they did and how beautiful they made my home. My home looks new again. I would highly recommend them for any job needed to refresh your home."

Iva O.

Oct. 2023

Mount Dora, Fl.

"We hired Bud's Pro Painting Services to paint the interior of our house. Throughout the entire process Mary and Bud were professional, detail oriented and easy to work with. They made the whole process as easy as possible for us. We couldn't have wished for better painting services. Not only does the house look terrific but we met a super nice couple!"

Wendy K.

April 2023

Mount Dora, Fl.

"Just finished using Bud and Mary for our home in Mount Dora. I have been in the design business for 40 years and I was so pleased with their professional work, attention to detail, and the cleanliness in the process! Besides all that they were both the nicest people I’ve worked with! The level of workmanship is top notch!

Thank you Bud and Mary….I look forward to seeing you again!

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